Admissions to St Teresa’s RC Primary School

Contact telephone No:  0208 648 1842 option 2 (Mrs Lorraine Isaac) or    Email:

Results of the Consultation on the admissions arrangements for 2025/26.

Following the consultation on our admission arrangements for 2025/26, we can confirm that there were no objections to the changes to our draft policies or the replacement of the Certificate of Practice in place of the Supplementary Information Form.  Please see the final documents below.

In Year & Reception Admissions Policy 2025 – 2026

Nursery & Pre- -Nursery Admissions Policy  2025 – 2026

School Viewings

For children due to start Reception in September 2025, please email with your name and contact details, so that we can arrange a tour of the school and Reception Classes.

We warmly welcome prospective parents to view the Nursery/Reception/whole school.   Please either telephone to book a viewing via the contact details or email address above, providing us with details of your name, address, telephone number and child’s date of birth.

Forms currently available

We now have forms for parents applying for Pre-Nursery January & April 2025 & Nursery for September 2025. Reception forms will be available from the end of September 2025.

If your child is going to be 3 years old between 1st September 2025 and 31 August 2026, these forms will be available online and in school from 1st May 2025, not before.  Please download them or collect a pack from the school, from this date onwards. Thank you.

Primary School Applications

As we are a Catholic Primary School, a Supplementary Information Form/Catholic Certificate of Practice signed by your Parish Priest, forms part of our application process. Mass attendance was not obligatory during the Covid Pandemic but as of the 5th June 2022, Pentecost, the Bishops have reinstated the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days. Parents applying for a place at Catholic Primary or High School’s, under a faith based criteria, will need to complete a Supplementary Information Form and get this signed and stamped by their Parish Priest.

We welcome applications from Catholic families and if we have place available, those from all other faiths. We have a thriving Nursery and Reception, and are happy to accept in year applications for other years throughout the school.

Take a look at our Early Years by following the link below.

Early Years Video

Take a look at our L.O.V.E. booklet

Pre-Nursery Applications for places in January 2025 and April 2025 (children born between 1.09.21 and 31.03.22)

If you would like your child to join our Pre-Nursery, the term after they are 3 years old, please download the following forms, complete the necessary documents and submit to the school.

Pre-Nursery Applicants letter25.docx

Apps Info Form Pre-Nursery25.docx

2024.25 Pre-Nursery Entry Procedure .docx

Pre-Nursery Admissions Policy24/25

Pre-Nursery Supplementary Information Form25

Rising 3’s

Parents now have the option to apply for their child to start when they turn 3 years old,  to join our Rising 3’s Nursery.  Up until recently children were only funded from the term following their 3rd birthday, rather than their actual birthday.  However, now if you are working parents you can apply for 2 year old funding and if you qualify, we can offer your child a place when they turn 3 years.  This would be for either 15 or 30 hours, depending on your requirements.  We can also offer self-funded places and .

Please contact Mrs Isaac in the school office or if you prefer, via email at: for more information.

Nursery Applications for places in September 2025 (children born between 1.09.21 and 31.08.22)

If you would like your child to join our main Nursery in the September following their 3rd birthday,  rather than attend our pre-nursery, please download the following forms, complete the necessary documents and submit them to the school.

Nursery Applicant’s Letter September 2025

Nursery Entry Procedure September 2025

Nursery Admissions Policy 2025/26

Certificate of Catholic practice Form

Nursery Applicants Information Form

The closing date for Nursery Applications for September 2025 is the 28 February 2025

Please note that parents do not have the right to appeal as part of the Nursery admissions procedure.

Applications for Reception September 2025

The closing date for this intake (for children born between 1 September 2020 and 31 August 2021) is 15 January 2025 Forms will be available from the school office or to be downloaded from the website from the end of September 2024.


Sept25RecPacklet – to be added

Overview of the Application Process for Rec 2025 – to be added

Applicants Information form Reception 2025- to be added

Reception Admissions Policy 2025- to be added

Certificate of Catholic Practice- to be added

Parents have the right to appeal in certain circumstances, if they are unsuccessful in gaining a Reception place for their child.  Details relating to the appeals process can be found in the school admission policy.

Additional information and advice on the appeals process is available from the Education Commission in this document:.Appeals-Advice-to-parents-primary-2012

In year Primary School Applications (PDF)

As we are a Catholic Primary School, you will also need to provide us with a Supplementary Information Form, signed and stamped by your Parish Priest/or Faith Leader (if applicable). If you are not a Cathlolic Family, you are still welcome to apply but please read the Admissions Policy, showing the order of places offered in accordance with the criteria.  Below forms for In-Year Admissions which you can download and complete.  Alternatively, please telephone the school office to arrange to collect a pack of forms instead.

In-Year Parent Letter for Reception – Y6 (children currently attending a school outside Merton)

In-Year Parent Letter for Reception – Y6 (children currently attending a Merton school)

In-Year Applicant’s Information Form for Reception – Y6

In-Year Supplementary Information Form for Reception to Y6

In-Year Admissions Policy for Reception -Y6

Once your forms are completed please telephone the school office for an appointment to bring them in with the supporting documents, for viewing.

Further Information

If you have any questions about the applications process please contact our Admissions Officer, Lorraine Isaac by email at or by phone on:          0208 648 1846 option 2.



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