Wraparound Club for Early Years to Year 6

Wraparound Poster Sept 23

Breakfast and After School club are running really well  and it is wonderful to see the children so happy and enjoying their time.  Thank you to all our working parents for using the service, which we know you appreciate.

This is just a quick message to let you know that Breakfast Club and After School Wraparound care sessions are bookable on your ParentPay details.

The annual £22 registration fee has been removed now, so all children at the school are automatically enrolled at no cost.

Breakfast club sessions run from 7.30am to the start of school and cost £5.50 including breakfast. After School club up until 5.45pm costs £10.50 and children are given food. We also offer a session up to 4pm for £5.00, which parents find helpful if they only require a short period of childcare. but food is not included.  PLEASE NOTE  that you can book these sessions up to 12 midnight the day before you require the service or cancel them up to this time.  If you have to book on the day or cancel,  there is a £5.00 additional charge to the fee, as staff have to manually add children to the system and check the staffing ratio.  To avoid this additional charge, please ensure that you book or cancel by 12 midnight the previous day.

How to book:  Bookings are made through ParentPay using the following process:
• When you log in, click on the child icon above your child’s name towards the top left of the screen.
• Then click on the word “view” in the breakfast club towards the right hand side of the screen
• Then click on the words “make bookings” towards the bottom of the screen
• In the next screen, select the right club and the week in which to want to make the booking and click on “Make or view booking”.
• On the next screen click on any days you want to book and click on the “next week” button if you want to see future weeks.
• Finally, click on “confirm bookings” towards the bottom of the screen.

Don’t forget bookings will be cancelled if you have not added credit by midnight preceding the club.

If you require an urgent booking – please email wraparound@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk or telephone the office, to add your child.  Please note this is not a general booking procedure but to be used only for emergencies.  We have now had to implement a charge for booking or cancellation on the day which will be £5.00 per booking.  To avoid this payment, please ensure wherever possible you book by 12 midnight the previous day.

We accept also payment by Child Care Vouchers (CCV) and by Tax Free Child Care (TFCC)</b> to help families save money.

There is no direct link between CCV/TFCC and Parent Pay so adding credit is a two-step process:
1. Log in to your CCV/TFCC scheme and execute a credit in favour of St Teresa&#39;s – credits take two to three days to reach our bank account
2. Email finance@st-teresas.merton.sch.uk to say that the payment has been executed and detail how to apply the credit in Parent Pay e.g. “I have sent a credit of £70 for (Child’s name and class) for breakfast/After School club”.

We check the bank account most days and manually add the credit to the appropriate club of the child’s Parent Pay account.
Step 2 above is really important as we get lots of payments to out bank account and it can be difficult to figure out what is what without a helpful email.

Term Dates and Timings of the School Day

Term & Holiday Dates 2024_25

Term & Holiday Dates 2023_24

Punctuality and School timings:

Nursery (AM) – 8.45am – 11.45am

Nursery (All Day) – 8.45pm – 3.30pm

Reception, Year 1 & Year 2 – 8.50am – 3.15pm

Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 & Year 6 – 8.50am – 3.20pm

Break Time – 10.30am – 10.45am

Reception and KS1 lunch – 12.00pm – 1pm

KS2 lunch – 12.15pm – 1.15pm

The  school doors open at 8.30am ONLY for children from Year 1 – 6 and registration begins at 8.50am.   The doors close at 8.50am.  If children arrive after this time, they will need to be dropped to the school office and registered as late.

School gates will be opened at 3.15 for

School Attendance

It is imperative for children to be in school every day, unless they are unwell. If your child is absent from school or you wish to inform us of an appointment during the school day, you must inform the school by completing the form here Child Sickness Form on the first day of absence before 9:30am.

If you need to take your child out of school for a pre- booked medical appointment, an emergency, a sporting activity or holiday, you need to complete and submit this form Child Appointment/Other Leave of Absence Form Continue reading “School Attendance”

School Dinners

dinner menu up to 10.23

School dinners are a popular choice with many children at St Teresa’s. The majority of pupils enjoying a hot, school dinner every day.  For the Summer/Autumn menu 2023 click here 

Please look for the week beginning date at the side of the menu, as there is a 3 week rotation. You will then be able to see what is available each day, so your child can choose which option they would like.

Universal Infant Free School Meals (UIFSM) 

All children in Reception up to the end of Year 2 qualify for the government incentive Universal Infant Free School Meal (UIFSM).  This means that all children in these year groups are entitled to have a school meal free of charge.

 London Free School Meals  (LFSM)

You may be aware that all Primary School pupils in London (except Nursery children) are entitled to a Free School Meal for the academic year 2023.24.  So if your child is in Year 3 – 6, you will not have to pay for a meal up to the last day of term in July 2024.  We will advise you if this changes for the next academic year.

Continue reading “School Dinners”





School Uniform

Children are expected to look smart at all times in school.

They understand that outside of school they are the public face of St. Teresa’s and should therefore look smart, ensuring that first impressions are good.

School uniform is now available from the Village Sports, 209 Worple Road, Raynes Park, SW20 8QY, Tel:  020 8946 4591.

Please read the Full Uniform List for further details.

All non-logo items can be purchased from your preferable store or online.

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