“The artist is not a special kind of person; rather each person is a special kind of artist’”                     – Ananda Coomaraswamy.

Our Intent

Excellence and enjoyment are at the heart of our Art and Design curriculum at St Teresa’s.  We value the importance of the arts provision to nurture the whole child. We believe it allows each individual to use their imagination to inspire their creativity, take risks and extend their cultural understanding. This will promote enjoyable, memorable learning experiences and develop an individual’s spiritual, moral, social and cultural understanding of the world in which they live.

In line with the requirements of the National Curriculum pupils will be taught to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge which will include:

  • Exploring visual, tactile and sensory qualities of materials and processes.
  • Developing observational skills with attention to detail.
  • Understanding colour, shape and space and pattern and texture and use these to represent their ideas and feelings.
  • Using a wide variety of media in appropriate ways.
  • Evaluating a piece of work and be able to go on and modify/change it.
  • Reflection on how to develop their skills further.
  • Developing the skills of appreciation of other people’s work.
  • Designing and making a variety of images and artefacts.

Our Approach

Weekly curriculum time is allocated in Key Stage 1 and 2 to the teaching of Art. The use of long term planning facilitates the organisation of a broad, balanced, coherent and differentiated curriculum.  Knowledge, skills and understanding are progressively built upon through each of the areas of experience of Drawing, Painting, Print-making, Collage, and 3D. The 3D element of our art curriculum is taught in each year group by the Art subject leader as part of our local curriculum offer.  There are guidelines on appropriate activities for each year group, with areas of overlap according to the children’s needs and abilities. Art activities are not limited to the medium-term plan provided. Teachers can explore the opportunity to focus on linking art to topics and other areas of the curriculum, especially linking to the spiritual, moral, social and cultural well-being of the individual. Through a progression of activities, we will build on, and develop children’s artistic skills and achievements.   A key component of our art curriculum is the exploration of both contemporary and historic artworks from a range of artists, designers and cultures.

Our Art at St Teresa’s website showcases the work happening across the school and is regularly updated.  Our site also includes links for families and other visitors to art galleries and events in London which are suitable for families.

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