Friends of St. Teresa’s

The Friends of St. Teresa’s (FOST) formed in March 2018 as the St. Teresa’s RC Primary school’s Parent-Teacher Association (PTA).

FOST brings together the parents, staff and our parish community, and raises funds to further the education of the children at St. Teresa’s through fun and profitable activities in a safe and friendly environment.

St Teresa’s school motto, “Love Proves Itself by Deeds” reminds us of the importance of actively demonstrating our faith towards one another. It is for this reason that the FOST hope to support our school community, provide a link between parents and school, and help bring parents together to share as many tools and resources as possible to continue to make a positive difference to the education of the children at St Teresa’s.

Please visit the FOST website for more information, and share your experiences and recommendations on the FOST Facebook page. If you wish to contact the FOST team, please email .

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