Curriculum Overview

The quality of teaching at St. Teresa’s is consistently strong, ensuring that children have high expectations of themselves and make rapid progress.

English, mathematics and science remain very important and are considered the core subjects in both primary and secondary education. The National Curriculum sets out in detail what must be taught in each of these subjects for each year group. In parts, our curriculum will be contextual and thematic and take the form of a learning journey linking subjects such as English, History, Geography, Art and DT, however there are exceptions to this and subjects like Maths, RE, PE, Music, French and ICT are taught discretely, with links made where possible. At the heart of our curriculum will be core “Power of Reading” texts where much of the learning will come from the study of good quality children’s literature from a range of significant authors.

The school have adopted the following learning mantra called NED:


Never give up

Encourage others

Do your best

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