Last week, St. Teresa’s celebrated STEM week in style and the children had a fantastic week. Central to our theme was celebrating diversity in science, technology, engineering and mathematics careers, and four role models were chosen to really inspire the children. That spotlight was given to Hayat Sindi, Katherine Johnson, Maya Lim and Annie Easley, who are truly extraordinary figures in their fields and a real inspiration.


Throughout the week, the children learnt about these figures whilst also carrying out a huge variety of fun activities in Science, Design and Technology, Computing and Mathematics. It was wonderful to see so many children present their ideas and experiments so confidently at the annual Science Fair as well as amazing ingenuity, problem-solving skills, teamwork and resilience shown across such a wide variety of activities. 


Over the last year, more than ever, we have seen how incredibly important the members of the STEM community are to the world and how much we all owe them. STEM week was a great way to celebrate their amazing work and encourage the children to go and change the world for the better.​

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